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I don’t know all the words.

I'm an artist who doesn't really know how to talk about art. I know terms like "abstract" and "modern" but any further breakdown into categories and I'm completely lost. The same with techniques: I've probably done a few of them but that's just experimenting; I'd look at you blankly if you were to give those… Continue reading I don’t know all the words.


This last week was rough. But that isn’t news, really.

It did affect my ability to create, however. This is not a political space (that's for my personal Facebook page and somewhat on Twitter), so I won't go there, but last week I was already battling the lie of depression. The pure hate, the vitriol, the derisiveness, the meanness of social media-that didn't make it… Continue reading This last week was rough. But that isn’t news, really.

Art in Progress

What I’ve Been Working On: A purply thing, a friend for “Mr. Koi”, and the return of “The Azmayan” (oh and a coupon)

And today is the last day to get 25% off in my etsy shop (on orders of $4 and more). Just enter LABORDAY at checkout.


The Winners!!

Thank you all for the support! The giveaway/Etsy launch went better than I had hoped (although I learned a lot about what I'd do differently next time;) and I am just so pleased. The winners of the giveaway are (imagine the obligatory drum roll):   Please email me your preferred shipping addresses! ( Thank… Continue reading The Winners!!