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Catching up on the Alphabet Series

I shared photos of A&B in this post, and I really thought I had done a post with some of the others, but apparently not. So you get a lot of alphabet zendoodly goodness all at once.   So I'm up to "I". All of these are featured in my Zazzle store and, depending on how… Continue reading Catching up on the Alphabet Series

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Meet Mr. Koi. 

Although I'm not a huge fan of fish (they can be quite lovely to look at but there my association ends) many people who follow my drawings do. So I decided to try a koi fish. When I'm drawing something I haven't attempted before I'll pick a few images off ye olde Google and come… Continue reading Meet Mr. Koi. 


Shameless Marketing: Stationary Edition

My goal is to create five new Zazzle products per day. I don't use the quick create feature; I prefer to customize each description to the actual product. So five is a reasonable and attainable number. This week I'm showcasing some of the stationary I've designed; I'm so pleased with how it came out! Check… Continue reading Shameless Marketing: Stationary Edition

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With my Etsy store in vacation mode I have been working hard. I'm so very thankful Himself is also an artist and "gets" how much work can go into creating. This piece is very much similar to my Psychedelic Flower in that I purposefully went crazy with the color. Very positive response from social media on this one so… Continue reading Bubbles!