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Spring is coming.

I've noticed that now we live in an area that experiences the four seasons we've become cyclical ... during the winter our activity slows down, we tend to watch more shows and read more books, and we both tend to pack on a pound or two. But once spring starts showing up we dust off… Continue reading Spring is coming.

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Coloring New Mexico

I have been organizing, redesigning, crafting-but not really drawing. Not a lot, a doodle here and there. So yesterday I finally sat down and 1. penned a calligraphy piece and 2. drew New Mexico, the state we currently live in (and hopefully will stay-we've moved 14 times in 10 years of marriage). I'm proud of… Continue reading Coloring New Mexico


First Art Fair Update and a Case of the Blahs.

After Saturday, I was mentally exhausted. Sunday the physical exhaustion set in, and Monday I don't know what happened. Catch-up, I think, on everything I had let slide the week before. Tuesday we drove my mom to the airport (an all-day affair due to the distance), Wednesday was "oh crap we don't have everything for… Continue reading First Art Fair Update and a Case of the Blahs.