Immortal Centuries in Lunar Absence

In a room with no sun, my heart molds. In a world with no soul, my center folds.  Come azimuth of my future, Break shatter fall. Erupt. Explode. Shine. Destroy. In a place with no paths, my feet slide. In a house with no home, my eyes die. Northern star seek my present. Build lift… Continue reading Immortal Centuries in Lunar Absence


How I Do: Five Tips for Starting an Online Business for People Who Know Nothing

Five tips for starting an online business from someone of questionable authority for those of you who know absolutely nothing about online business



I sit in the sun.  The wind chimes tinkle in a breeze that sweeps around somewhere up above.  I breathe in and stare at an empty yard, at wooden fences aged in the wind and rain.  My thoughts swell and twist inside.  A purposeless morass of frustration and weariness. The stillness creaks. I cannot tell… Continue reading Burn



So what am I to do?  What am I to do? I just found out that someone who writes stuff I really like lives a life that I really dislike.  They support things I’m adamantly against.  Hell, in some aspects things that I’d consider worth fighting against.  But I really like their work.  What am… Continue reading Dilemma


A reminder to myself.

Do we dance?  Do we sing?  Do we hear the drums in our hearts?  Does the sky beg us to jump?  Does the earth cry for our feet? The swell and seep of emotions is a wonderful thing.  It underscores the major points of our lives; drives home the moment.  You feel like you jumped… Continue reading A reminder to myself.