Literary Jewelry

I deactivated all my book necklaces in preparation for redoing all of them … I’m still waiting on some components but I had an idea and that turned into three new listings;) I also redid the pictures … I can’t bring myself to do just a white background, doing interesting things with photography is THE WHOLE POINT of selling through Etsy (not really, but if I’m going to be artistic it’s the place to be artistic) … so I tried photographing them like I do my bookmarks.

I also decided I’ll only use my handmade paper in these little book necklaces … the ruffled edges make me swoon, surely I’m not alone in that? And I’m leaving edges rough, because it contrasts so nicely with the sterling silver.

You can find all three in the store, and look for more to come … I also really should make one for myself. I don’t make things for me … which always strikes me as funny. And then sad.

So Art On, my friends. I’m having a hide-my-head week over here, and I’m doing just the things I find beautiful in the moment.

Happy Wednesday!

Pink and Mermaids.

Do bloggers still do Wordless Wednesdays? Back in the day that was a thing, so I co-opted the idea, but I have the feeling that I’m lagging behind with the dinosaurs.

No matter.

We drove down the mountain this weekend so I could buy supplies from all my stores in one fell swoop (the bead store, Staples, Michaels, and Tandy’s). By the time we got to Tandy’s I was completely worn out (I don’t like shopping …) but I had enough energy left to peruse the sales and I ended up buying a lovely pink shade and a clearance piece that I’ve been describing as “crinkled white leather with green sparkles”. I haven’t gotten a good picture of the white leather-I actually ordered another backdrop with it in mind, it’s a bit darker so I hope it’ll contrast better-but it really is shiny and pretty.

You can find the pink here, and the mermaid journal here. I currently buy my vinyl backdrops from PixelPerfectPrint; I looked at several different shops before settling on them-they had both reasonable prices AND solid reviews, and they are US-based. I don’t mind ordering internationally but I tend to get impatient about my supplies and want them here yesterday;)

I’ll be submitting journals this weekend (hopefully) for a local art gallery’s jury … I need to compile a photo shoot so I can show them off. I also am kicking around the idea of attempting a Kickstarter campaign for my next coloring book … I need to make sure my timeline corresponds to other timelines, so on and so forth. And then I need to make sure I apply for upcoming local shows-just four this year, I don’t know that I have the wherewithal to attempt more, but of course we’ll see.

A busy spring for sure.

So Art On, my friends-always keep moving forward!

When you get distracted … there are no pretty pictures.

I have actually been making some pretty things, and had thoughts to share, but my domain expired and back when we started this up it was my husband’s blog so he had to renew it and we didn’t get around to that til this weekend. And yes, we could change the login. That was also mentioned, and I never got around to it, because that’s how I roll, apparently.

This past week I’ve worked on “book necklaces”. There’s still something missing, and I’m working on getting sterling silver charms, so that may be it … but here they are as I currently have them.

If the light is good today I’m actually going to try photographing them against a book prop. I’m not sure if that would be too busy, but since much of what I do is book-themed it seemed like a good prop. These are actually fairly easy to make once you’ve got the setup going, and I might put together a tutorial at some point … if I don’t get distracted by something else that is shiny, as so often happens.

You can find the necklaces here, and I’ll be adding a purple and baby blue one today (again, if the light is good).

Happy Monday, my friends! I’m recovering from staying up too late this weekend so I’ll be dragging myself into the studio, but I encourage you to Art On, even if you don’t feel like it:)