Rugged and Rustic … New Travel Journals Await!

I've been contemplating the idea of doing lines ... i.e. a summer line, fall line, etc ... if I can get my frenetic brain in order it may actually happen. In the meantime I have been on a rugged kick ... raggedy leather edges, wanderlust charms, ruggedly ruggedness ...   You can find this black… Continue reading Rugged and Rustic … New Travel Journals Await!

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Literary Jewelry

I deactivated all my book necklaces in preparation for redoing all of them ... I'm still waiting on some components but I had an idea and that turned into three new listings;) I also redid the pictures ... I can't bring myself to do just a white background, doing interesting things with photography is THE… Continue reading Literary Jewelry

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Wordless Wednesday-More Leather (but you have to imagine Samwise saying that, although if you’re not an LOTR fan this won’t make sense at all so just ignore me).

Art · bookbinding · Handmade Books

I’m a leather worker.

I'm about to segue into gaming territory;) So back when I first met Kerry World of Warcraft was our game of choice. I rolled a female dwarf hunter and had no idea what I was doing, but I had a lot of fun wandering around the snow capped mountains that surrounded Ironforge (oh my gosh,… Continue reading I’m a leather worker.

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Oh my, you guys. I was bit by the creative bug.

And so I made paper wreaths, because that's what you do. And yes, this is listed in the shop, because it was the 4th wreath I made today and I have learned and grown in this artist life and kept the first two as prototypes (because the first ones never work out quite right, in… Continue reading Oh my, you guys. I was bit by the creative bug.