Shameless Marketing: Wordy Women’s Wear Edition

This past week I snagged some calligraphy time and created designs to go on women's wear. I'm really, really excited about these and plan to order some of them for myself. Because who doesn't love coffee and gothic lettering? A   Aren't they awesome? I think I'm getting the hang of this designer thingy. Check… Continue reading Shameless Marketing: Wordy Women’s Wear Edition


Thoughts: Mixing Parenting and Artistry

A few days ago I tweeted: Today I started and paused and resumed and stopped and attempted and gave in. #lifewithkids — wordsremember (@beowulfa) May 12, 2015 I was speaking of art. You see, we have littles. And the littlest of the littles is just over a year old and is trying to figure out… Continue reading Thoughts: Mixing Parenting and Artistry