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I did not “Art On” this week.

I hesitate to proclaim on social media that we're sick, because that could put off potential buyers -but- the simple truth is we have been sick for over two weeks now. I succumbed last Friday with an awful, head-in-the-vise sinus something that also felt like flu and I'm still weak and prone to lying on… Continue reading I did not “Art On” this week.

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A Day In My Life: WAHP Edition

I should probably note that I don't adhere to a strict schedule (I start feeling confined) so this is very much an "average" sort of day. And everything goes out the window when the bigger kids (or Kerry) are off. 5 a.m. I grudgingly wake up (whyyyyyyy) and stumble out to my living room. Most… Continue reading A Day In My Life: WAHP Edition


Done happy happy joy dance DONE happy …..

I'm sitting here, rather chilly because the window is open, in my living room. We have a view overlooking the city. Not one of the premium canyon views that skyrocket the cost of the house, but one we are supremely happy with. Yesterday we had a deer in our backyard. Apparently the one with the… Continue reading Done happy happy joy dance DONE happy …..


Nope, Not This Week.

This is moving week. We're doing this move ourselves so there hasn't been too much fanfare, we've done this 14 times. 12? It's at least over 10. ANYWAY. We've moved a lot. It's second nature. I've got my kits for each of the critical rooms of the house so they can become fully functional right… Continue reading Nope, Not This Week.