Steel Delights (or “Oh Crap I Forgot It’s Been 11 Years!” gift)

I've been steadily chipping away at my super secret, huge and awesome project (hopefully I've mentioned it? I'm too blargh and blah to go through older posts to find out for myself) but I've not had much time left over to work on other things. Until yesterday, when I got out my chainmail supplies and… Continue reading Steel Delights (or “Oh Crap I Forgot It’s Been 11 Years!” gift)


Wordsremember’s Christmas Gift Guide

I know, I know: the "I can't believe Christmas décor is out" and "What about Thanksgiving" memes are circulating, Christmas should wait ... but no. My tree is up (I almost was too busy last year to put it up), music is playing, and even amidst the chaos (I have over a month til Christmas… Continue reading Wordsremember’s Christmas Gift Guide

Art · Coloring Pages

Coloring New Mexico

I have been organizing, redesigning, crafting-but not really drawing. Not a lot, a doodle here and there. So yesterday I finally sat down and 1. penned a calligraphy piece and 2. drew New Mexico, the state we currently live in (and hopefully will stay-we've moved 14 times in 10 years of marriage). I'm proud of… Continue reading Coloring New Mexico


Oops, we did it again.

Not that. Well, yes that, but not that. We're moving again. Ask us our life's story and you'll lose count of how many times we've moved/states we've called home. Himself is an Air Force brat and I take too long to put down roots so I'm usually game for whatever. This time, though, we both… Continue reading Oops, we did it again.