“A night for skrervy.” Final.

I had waited nervously.  When the city radio traffic exploded I knew something had gone wrong.  Pulling up the news feeds I saw Williams tower.  It was halfway on fire, there was some kind of gunfight on the roof and multiple other fights going on inside.  The city police had surrounded the building and weren’t … Continue reading “A night for skrervy.” Final.

“A night for skrervy.” Part 4.

She couldn’t even speak.  She just shared the video into everyone else’s feed by reflex.  Shock swept over her. Then Cri’s voice came over the channel. “Dali, I need to know all possible access points to the roof.  Highlight them now.  Kill all enemy cameras and try to disable their power and their comms.  Do … Continue reading “A night for skrervy.” Part 4.

“A night for skrervy.” Part 3.

Dali spent the ride prepping and re-prepping her entry software.  She pulled her little spider drones out and checked their signal strength, battery levels and movement.  She checked her gun.  As she was reaching to check her drones again she caught Talos looking at her. “Nervous?”  His voice came out like syrupy molasses.  Heavy and … Continue reading “A night for skrervy.” Part 3.