Self Care as a Small Business Owner and Momma.

This is me, after I had wiped away tears and managed to hug my youngest, who had refused to go to VBS. Not a big deal, right? Except that apparently it was. I've been with my kids for eleven years now ... as a military spouse keeping everything together solo, an attachment parent even though… Continue reading Self Care as a Small Business Owner and Momma.

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Just Be.

I'm tired. More than normal, even. I think it's a combination of our rather busy schedule (my kids decided THEY SIMPLY MUST PLAY BASEBALL/SOFTBALL and they have several games/practices each week) and my trying to spiffy up my gift/Christmas sections, because I had no time last fall and was completely unprepared for the season (I… Continue reading Just Be.

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On Self-Maintenance.

We had a long drive back from Texas this weekend and it gave me a lot of time to think over things, things I'd normally push aside because I had more interesting things to do. The primary focus of my thinking was self-maintenance, mostly for Kerry and myself. We've always just "done what we could… Continue reading On Self-Maintenance.


Nope, Not This Week.

This is moving week. We're doing this move ourselves so there hasn't been too much fanfare, we've done this 14 times. 12? It's at least over 10. ANYWAY. We've moved a lot. It's second nature. I've got my kits for each of the critical rooms of the house so they can become fully functional right… Continue reading Nope, Not This Week.