Self Care as a Small Business Owner and Momma.

This is me, after I had wiped away tears and managed to hug my youngest, who had refused to go to VBS. Not a big deal, right? Except that apparently it was. I've been with my kids for eleven years now ... as a military spouse keeping everything together solo, an attachment parent even though… Continue reading Self Care as a Small Business Owner and Momma.

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The State of Wordsremember.

I've shared our story a couple of times but I don't mind repeating it, because we worked so hard for the outcome and we're both rather proud of ourselves. Short form: we went back to school with a toddler and no money, soon had another kid and he joined the military both for the experience… Continue reading The State of Wordsremember.

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I did not “Art On” this week.

I hesitate to proclaim on social media that we're sick, because that could put off potential buyers -but- the simple truth is we have been sick for over two weeks now. I succumbed last Friday with an awful, head-in-the-vise sinus something that also felt like flu and I'm still weak and prone to lying on… Continue reading I did not “Art On” this week.

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Make them drool.

As a small business owner, as an artisan: you have to spin a web of product deliciousness that appeals to your customers. This is something I think about frequently as I decide how to price things: it can be tempting to think "no one would pay that price for that item" but that's simply not… Continue reading Make them drool.

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I fixed a problem and created a new one.

This is very teas-ish of me but I don't have pictures of the problem I created because I was almost too exhausted to stand by the time we were at a stopping point. But that's the middle of the story ... So I fixed the problem of the hinge. I love stab-bound books, I love… Continue reading I fixed a problem and created a new one.