Self Care as a Small Business Owner and Momma.

This is me, after I had wiped away tears and managed to hug my youngest, who had refused to go to VBS. Not a big deal, right? Except that apparently it was. I've been with my kids for eleven years now ... as a military spouse keeping everything together solo, an attachment parent even though… Continue reading Self Care as a Small Business Owner and Momma.

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On Self-Maintenance.

We had a long drive back from Texas this weekend and it gave me a lot of time to think over things, things I'd normally push aside because I had more interesting things to do. The primary focus of my thinking was self-maintenance, mostly for Kerry and myself. We've always just "done what we could… Continue reading On Self-Maintenance.


Done happy happy joy dance DONE happy …..

I'm sitting here, rather chilly because the window is open, in my living room. We have a view overlooking the city. Not one of the premium canyon views that skyrocket the cost of the house, but one we are supremely happy with. Yesterday we had a deer in our backyard. Apparently the one with the… Continue reading Done happy happy joy dance DONE happy …..

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Change is good. I think.

Yesterday my youngest and I meandered over to Starbucks and got ourselves a venti light brew, milk, and chocolate cookies (the coffee was mine, just to clarify;). We sat outside, looking at the mountains, relaxing, munching. After a while it felt like it was time to leave, so we did. We went to the library,… Continue reading Change is good. I think.