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Grey Dreams and Luscious Lavenders

Welcome 2019! 2018 was a doozy, and the Christmas season completely wiped me out. Thank you to everyone who shopped small and handmade: you allow us small creators to pursue our dreams. When I finally wandered back into the studio after collapsing over the Christmas break I was drawn to my grey and lavender leathers… Continue reading Grey Dreams and Luscious Lavenders


Coffee Coffee Coffee

I've been on a coffee-creative kick lately.  That was my first attempt, but it was a bit off spacing-wise. My kids LOVED my definition, though, so I might use it elsewhere. Then I made this, and loved it: I also made a journal: I've been saying I'll get off the coffee train, product-wise, and I… Continue reading Coffee Coffee Coffee


The story on writing the story.

So today’s story post, which was supposed to post yesterday, but didn’t because it wasn’t written until today, is not a story. Unless of course it is a story about me writing a story. Because it is certainly that. Our protagonist is my story that I’m writing.  This story has slowly been trying to grow… Continue reading The story on writing the story.