New Product: Alphabet Postcards

I wasn’t sure I wanted to do postcards-the profit margin is significantly less and it would mean I needed to buy another fixture (for the art fairs) and of course Etsy charges the same per listing no matter the price. But I printed a couple out and they looked AMAZEBALLS so I went with it. Always good to have a lower priced add-on. You can find the entire alphabet here on Etsy.

Happy Monday! Art on, my friends.


“Woodland Mandalas”, an Adult Coloring Book

Woodland Mandalas is a unique reimagining of coloring books for adults and discerning children motivated by my own home within the mountains.  By combining the potent symbolism of the Mandala and various woodland creatures, settings, and themes, this book seeks to inspire a sense of balance and meditation in your life.  Each time you flip open this book you will be treated to a wonderland of symmetry, sacred geometry, balance, and comfort that can usually only be found when meditating in the woods.

Mandalas have evolved over the centuries from religious symbols to high art.  The word Mandala means “circle” or “center” and you will notice the perfect symmetry of these designs evokes a sense of calm and centering that is quite intentional.  The chaotic nature of the forest is interpreted in a way that incorporates these deliberate lines and designs bringing forth a juxtaposition that is conducive to daily meditation.  It is my hope that when you complete a mandala design with your own colors and creativity you will feel a sense of accomplishment, control, and order by bringing color to a small corner of your world.

May these designs enrich your creative spirit, soothe your soul, and bring balance to your life.


Find “Woodland Mandalas” on Etsy, Amazon, or Barnes & Noble!


New Artwork: “Love” and “Friend”

I’m continuing my foray into Chinese calligraphy by rendering the very generic symbols for “love” and “friend“. I picked up a few books about the history of Chinese calligraphy and I’m just itching to take a course (my preferred method of learning, rather ironic since I was homeschooled and am homeschooling my kids). Years of learning there. Fascinating, fascinating history. And of course so beautiful.

And Art On, my friends:) Happy Hump Day!