My computer is broken.

I don’t like conducting business from my phone but this week it’s been a sad necessity. I didn’t lose all my files, I just don’t have access right now. It’s fixable (we think) and Himself was going to buy me a drawing tablet for Christmas so he decided to gift me early (in case the fix doesn’t work). 

In other news … I have a publisher to publish my yet-to-be-drawn coloring book. I’m wondering if there’s a huge learning curve with the tablet, it would be so much easier to draw the designs on that. 

As soon as I have a working computer again I’ll be ordering all the Christmas designs, making a festive holiday banner, and working on my holiday tag lines. No biggie😉

Due to working on the commission and other projects I’ve been trying to complete I’ve only done one lesson in my drawing book. Behold my sad little lonely house:


And there you are. Have an amazing weekend, hopefully I’ll be greeting you on Monday with all my tech in place again.

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