Youtube video lessons.

Attachment-1 (43)So a friend of mine has been bugging me for over a year now to try a bunch of youtube channels.  And I’ve been extremely resistant to the idea.

I’m not sure quite where I got the idea but buried deep in my brain somewhere is a blaring sign that says “videos are bad”.  This is true of videos on sports sites(ESPNecially), of normal news sites, of web comics, etc.

Basically, if I click on it and it has to make sound to interact with me… blargh and close tab.

So youtube has for the vast majority of my life been a non-thing.  I just didn’t go there.  I didn’t think there was anything useful or interesting or anything.

Other than the extremely rare trip to watch some Starcraft final that my brother would be raving about I wouldn’t even follow links if I saw youtube in the address.

Until VEVO.  But not when I discovered VEVO no no no.  Instead it was some point around the era when I figured out that you could manage what music appeared in your music stream.  Then I waved goodbye to Pandora and wandered over to youtube.

But that still didn’t have me watching my friend’s links.  Because sound making things were bad.

Arbitrarily in my mind music isn’t sound, and if it is it isn’t music.  There’s a whole string of irrationality tied up into my approach to music but that isn’t today.

Today is discussing the end results of a political discussion at work.  Because we discussed voting results.  I got called a communist for I forget what and I was complaining about how you never got to vote for the guy you really wanted to and CGPGrey came into the discussion.  And stole an hour or two of my time.

I especially love his post about angry.  And so because I’d been wrong once, I agreed to try CrashCourse which is mostly wonderful because it makes you think even if you don’t fully agree with his approach.  But like either Green will point out your viewpoint on his viewpoints says a lot about you one way or another.  But seriously fun times.

And this resulted in my friend going like super cray cray overboard and unloading a sticky note with 11 other links and me getting a glance at his youtube subscriptions which looked like a particularly messy windows sub-directory full of more directories and a dangerous morass of endless idleness.  I fled.  I could not stay.

And two days later found myself introducing my 5yr old to Sick Science.  It’s a disease.  I don’t have time for this.

But seriously some of this stuff isn’t half bad.

Incase like me you still feel like youtube is a charlatan’s trick that can’t possibly be fun.

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