Art in Progress

Making Bookmarks

I wanted to call this post “The Evolution of a Bookmark” but I’m kinda sorta paying attention to SEO and that doesn’t get one found. So “Making Bookmarks” it is.

These are the inks I like to use. They are so dang shimmery and vibrant-and also $6/bottle. So I try to be sparing, but it also means my bookmarks are priced accordingly. But you ARE getting a unique piece of art to decorate your books with;)
So I pour a bit of each color onto the bookmarks (I usually do 2×7″ but the little ones you see are for my “buy a mini bookmark for $1 with another item” and I’ll also do 2×6″ in the name of not wasting anything). I use newspaper because it gets messy.
And then I smudge it all with a bit of tissue paper. It’s kind of a rolling motion-otherwise you’ll mix all the colors together into a mush without the individual colors shining through. High-tech, right?

So then I let that side dry, paint the other side, and then I laminate them. I didn’t take a picture of that part because I didn’t think about it and also laminators aren’t really photogenic. Then I cut them out with my rotary blade cutter thingy (the best thing EVER-I use it for everything), punch a hole for the ribbon with a hole punch, and voila you have beautiful bookmarks.


These are available in the etsy shop. Art on, friends!

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