On Dreams

I’ve been swamped these past two days. I received a commission to draw a tattoo. That will actually be tattooed on somebody. I remember walking into my first tattoo parlor many moons ago (mother, skip this part if it distresses you) and thinking this is so cool I want to do this!!!!! But at the time I couldn’t draw and thought it was beyond my capabilities. So I shelved that thought and moved on. Until today, when I am doing what I said I wanted to do all that time ago.

That isn’t all, though. Those who know me personally know I can be a neurotic, worried, type-A control freak that obsesses over things, and I’ve been obsessed over my little gift boutique. What it is, where it’s going, how can I expand, how can I attract more people to my etsy storefront, etc. And I’ve tried different things; I can tell you definitively that I don’t like using FineArtAmerica, Zazzle, or any other submit-designs-get-paltry-commission. I get an “ick” feeling that, being a Christ-follower, I attribute to God saying “nope, wrong direction, turn around please”.

What I have been feeling is that I need to reopen my shopify store here on my website. That will necessitate a lot of work-there is currently no easy way to import all of the info from etsy (though you can import some) so I’ll be rewriting many descriptions; and of course SEO is different with Google than it is with Etsy (yay for me-learning yet another way to say the same thing in different ways). And I’ll probably need to redo the website home page, although I have no ideas beyond thinking that. And currently no monies to hire someone to do it for me.

It’s also the year of the booth; I’ve written about that before, and it’s still very true. I can’t move forward faster than I have been on that until I get my giclee-print-capable printer and either our old house sells or one of the extra-paycheck months rolls around. I have a coloring book coming out this spring and it looks fantastic. I want to apply to Amazon Handmade with my stationery line that I will develop once I have that printer to see if that works for Wordsremember.

So, dreams. They are there, I’ve had one fulfilled, and I trust there will be more. I have this feeling-and sometimes my feelings are corrects, other times they’re so far off it’s painful-that the floodgates are about to burst and that then you will get to see a very busy and happy Becca scrambling to keep up with all the business Wordsremember attracts.

And that’s all, friends. Art on:)

5 thoughts on “On Dreams

    1. Etsy is incredibly saturated so I’ve found I need quite a few items to be found; that being said, with the right SEO it’ll drive your market to you. It can take a bit to start selling; some seem to make it quick but others have to work for a year or two before they see results. Happy selling!!!!

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