Art Supplies I Use and Love

Way back when I signed up for the Amazon Affiliate program and I was linking to the supplies I used, but I quickly got bored with doing that so I stopped. And this really has nothing to do with this post, except that I’m not linking to Amazon for anything-these are true endorsements and I paid full price for everything. Well, sometimes I used the coupons.


Right now I use the Strathmore line of papers. It’s at Hobby Lobby, it’s carried by our very cute but very small local art supply store, so it’s easy to obtain. I’ve heard that other papers are higher quality, and I’ll probably be making the switch soonish, but I need to wait until the pain of buying my super-duper-fancy printer wears off.


I use Micron Pens. I’ve tried other ones but I always come back-I feel like I have figured out hand pressure/width/etc, so that it happens intuitively now. I do also use Faber-Castell Artist Brush Pens, but those are for inking in, not for outlining. Both of these pens are acid-free, pigmented, lightfast-so they’re perfect for my original artwork.


I use either Dr. PH Martin’s line of calligraphy inks, Mica Watercolors, or FW Acrylic Liquid Inks. From the information on the websites it appears that all of these are archival-quality, which again means I feel comfy using them on my originals.


Fine Point Sharpie Markers, all the way. I like the 80s Glam Set. These are not rated for permanence, from what I can tell, so I only use these on designs I intend to be prints only. But the colors are so vibrant-I just adore them.


I use Kamar Varnish to protect my artwork, Winsor-Newton paintbrushes, frames from Michaels, and all of my bookbinding supplies come from Paper Ink Arts (a fabulous site-you will spend all your monies!!). Oh, and my laminator came from our local grocery store. Keepin’ it fancy.

If you have any questions, just ask! I’ve done random, in-depth research on various products, so I have lots of words about certain products. And if you have a favorite product please share in the comments-my love for learning about new shinies knows no bounds.

Art on, my friends!


4 thoughts on “Art Supplies I Use and Love

  1. Thanks for sharing your favorite art supplies, Rebecca. I just stocked up on canvases from Michaels in the sale. I fancy getting some airbrush pens for when I go to UK but I’m wondering if you can travel with them since they have liquid in them.

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    1. Haha! I actually looked up air brush markers and flying and couldn’t really find anything. I wouldn’t think it’d be a problem, but because those tend to be pricey I’d call and ask. The only concern I’d have is them leaking, so I’d put them into a ziploc baggy.

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