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How I Did: July 2016 Goals & Whether I Met Them

I’m really enjoying my summary posts, because they frequently pull me out of a depressed, “I’m not doing as well as they are!”, mood. I’m not making thousands, no, but I am surpassing my goals, and that’s really all one can ask for.


My goal was 5-10 sales, $100 in revenue. Here are my stats:

Sales: 8 Orders

Revenue: $198.70

Smashed those goals;) I spent A LOT of time redoing photos and SEO, so I hope my month was due to that and not just the luck of the draw.


I wanted to blog about our adventures within New Mexico. Due to putting a bid in on a house, we really didn’t do a whole lot, but I did go to Meow Wolf in Santa Fe. I also blogged about it, so I’m calling a win.


Anything outside Etsy. No commissions this month, but I was supposed to take it easy in July so no worries (although that didn’t really happen. The taking it easy;).


I wanted to redo that storefront and I did. I changed up a few prices to make all selling platforms uniform, added a few listings, and changed out a few pictures. No sales, but they extended the “free” period so I’m not too worried.

Art Fairs

It’s on August 13th, and I’m almost ready. I’ve got the tables, the tent, the fixtures, the artwork printed-just a few odds and ends. Pictures when I do my practice set-up!


I was supposed to stay calm and relaxed. I don’t do that well, and ended up working a lot. But I enjoy it, and I did make sure the kids and I did fun things, so not a total fail.

How was your July? Did you meet your goals? I’d love to hear about it!

And as always, Art On.



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