Art in Progress

Introducing the Newest Doodle Friend, “The Dude”

“The Dude” is here! I initially wanted to name him “Cowabunga Dude” but I scoured the internet for a whole five minutes, couldn’t find out if that phrase was under copyright, and decided to go another direction. Hence “The Dude”. He reminds me of the turtle in “Finding Nemo”.


You might notice quite a bit of detail on this guy. I went completely overboard with the patterns.
The beautiful final photograph.


Buy “The Dude” here, in my etsy shop. Don’t forget there is a coupon; enter BLOG10 for a 10% discount.


I haven’t done a supply list in awhile. Been just a bit swamped what with etsy, the sudden move, back to school ickies, etc. So I’ll do one today (affiliate links are included):

I’ve been using a different type of paper: The Strathmore Vellum 90lb 9×12 pad. I like it so far, and it even holds up under acrylic inks.

The same sharpies, 80s glam, and also my Faber-Castells.


Have a wonderful Thursday! Art on!

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